As of May 2021 the Aspiring Principal Engineers is being sponsored by Skiller Whale *Woooo!

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This sponsorship will allow us to continue the growth of our group and allow more mentor introductions and interviews to take place.

"A great way to learn technical skills in a supported and hands on environment. There is something magical about how their interactive training system lets the trainer see everyone's code when they're working locally."

We at RecWorks have built a special relationship with Skiller Whale over 2021 and a strong appreciation for what they are trying to achieve in the tech industry.

We came to know of them and their work through their founder Hywel Carver, who has supported the London CTO community for several years by running the Tech Leader dinners. Helping CTO's find support groups for problems.

"They are not your usual, tedious “watch this video” or “read this doc” provider.

Skiller Whale have since then been supporting the London CTOs and Aspiring Principal Engineers by offering free sessions and a roundtable to help educate CTOs on the value of training.

Skiller Whale are keen to support our work with the Aspiring Principal Engineer group as they are passionate about developing the skills of developers through their personalised training programs.

"The material that they have covered I have found directly applicable and useful in work situations; this, I feel, makes me a better engineer."