As of April 2021 the Aspiring Women CTOs group is being sponsored by Turntabl *Woooo!

This sponsorship will allow us to continue the growth of our group.

We at RecWorks have built a special relationship with Turntabl over the last 12 months and a strong appreciation for their vision and what they are trying to achieve in the tech industry.

We came to know of their work when we helped advise them around setting up a Java user group in Ghana, then helped them build a team of Engineering Team Leads in London who were employed to help 'level up' their team of 100+ Software Engineers in Ghana.

The team and company was founded by a guy called Sam Moorhouse who was described by Ben Evans (Java Champion and one of the LJC Organisers) as having "technical and personal ethics of the highest calibre" having worked with Sam for the last 12 months we are inclined to agree, but more importantly those ethics seem to bleed through the whole company.

Turntabl is a company that very much sets out to right the wrongs in the industry, aiming for 50% women in tech, ensuring opportunities for underrepresented groups and offering high quality and well-paid jobs with some of the highest standard of professional ethics that we see in our industry.

They are still hiring for more fully remote, Engineering Team Leads in London and continuing to expand the operation. There are a number of Turntabl employees within this group so if anyone would like to hear more about them please let me know on [email protected] or join the Friends of Turntabl group here: