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The Aspiring Principal Engineers is a small, free to join, community of software engineers with an interest in one day becoming a principal engineer (sometimes called staff engineer). We operate via a Slack group and a mailing list.

Our members are typically developers, senior developers and tech leads who would like to build their skills with a view to becoming a principal engineer.

Why should you join?

Who is behind the group?

Mentor introduction service

Interviews and resources

How to join?


Why should you join?

Get access to exclusive free tech workshops

Through our partnership with Skiller Whale, we are running a series of exclusive tech workshops designed for those aspiring to step into a principal engineering role.

Understand what the principal engineer role is all about

Through our interviews and content, you will discover more about what this role entails and what it takes to be a good principal engineer.

Discover the journey of becoming a principal engineer

Through interviews with experienced mentors, you will find how they stepped into becoming a principal engineer and learn about the shortcuts and pitfalls that lay ahead in your journey.